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How can MySleepMask.com help make your life with CPAP easier?

We offer only quality products - ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel - and deliver them with excellent customer service (including an 800# hotline) (M-F 8am-5pm PST)

We will bill Medicare and/or private insurance so that you keep your cash!

We offer education, training and trouble-shooting along with other CPAP Chronic Care support

You can actually talk to a Respiratory Therapist or other Sleep Coaches about your CPAP issues

All making it easier to use and maintain your CPAP equipment and get the most from your sleep therapy

Bottom line: more restful sleep, better health and less cash out of your pocket!

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Pay Less Money & Get More Service!

Many websites sell CPAP parts & supplies to people willing to pay with their own cash or credit card. (Which is just fine if you don’t have health insurance or Medicare).

However, very few websites offer Medicare & private insurance billing. (Good for keeping cash in your pocket - but also important because Medicare has rules that weeds-out the "fly by night" operations like some cash-only websites). We're proud to say that MySleepMask.com is among the very few!

But only MySleepMask.com offers parts, billing Medicare or private insurance, and CPAP Chronic Care services (the education, coaching and trouble-shooting that helps make your CPAP therapy as easy and effective as possible!).

When you have any problems, questions, or needs, you can actually call an 800# (M-F 8am-5pm PST) to speak with a Respiratory Therapist or other specialist in CPAP equipment!

Get the inside scoop on why Medicare & Insurance billing is so important when buying supplies over the Internet - even if you don't have Medicare!!
Discover how CPAP Chronic Care services can help your CPAP experience even more than having cutting edge equipment.
Find out why some products offered on other websites are "second tier" and why it's so important to only order Quality Products from First-Tier Manufacturers
See for yourself how MySleepMask.com can help New CPAP Patients with "learning the ropes" of CPAP therapy...or give Veteran CPAP Users a level of service you always wanted but never dreamed you could get!

If you're a physician or other partner in care, Read this Page.

The Mission of MySleepMask.com:

Offer only quality CPAP products from the top 3 manufacturers (ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel), deliver the CPAP equipment with excellent customer service, and bill primarily to Medicare or other insurance providers so that our customers can keep more cash in their pockets! Go beyond customer service to offer chronic care that improves the compliance of all CPAP patients by helping educate, train and trouble-shoot on the use, cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement of CPAP masks, CPAP Machines (as well as BiPAP or AutoPAP) and other sleep mask equipment (including parts and supplies like sleepmask cushions, pillows, headgear, hoses, filters and other CPAP parts & accessories. Bottom line: Help our customers deal with sleep apnea to get the Healthy, Comfortable, and Restful Sleep They Deserve!!!